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Mistie Jung

Role: Bodyworker/Massage therapist

Education: Mueller College of Holistic Studies, Oaksterdam University

Certified Massage Therapist, California Massage Therapy Council
Certified Functional Strength Coach, Level 1, Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning
Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Specialist, Project Walk
Emergency Medical Technician I
Chain Reaction Explosion, Gray Institute
Brain Gym 101, Brain Gym
Holistic Lifestyle Coach I, C.H.E.K Institute
Visionary Craniosacral Work, Milne Institute
Brain State Technician, Brain State Technologies
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage I, Kumu Patricia Kaleialoha Catanzaro, Healing Academy Hawaii LLC

Circulatory (Swedish)
Performance (myofascial release)
Balance (emotional release)

With a passion for bodywork that started in childhood, I learned early in life that positive, caring touch can ease pain and suffering in one’s body, mind and spirit. As a member of an adventure workout club, I offered volunteer massage services to my friends’ adventure racing teams.

I began studying massage therapy at Mueller College of Holistic Studies in San Diego in 1999. I was part of opening the first Project Walk, a paralysis recovery center, in San Diego in 2001. Our goal was to provide improved quality of life for people with disabilities through intense activity-based recovery programs, education, training, research and development.
This experience inspired me to seek further mentorship and training from leaders in professional and personal development with an emphasis on massage, holistic studies, holistic nutrition, physical therapy, neuroscience, psychology, psychotherapy, neurofeedback, personal training, wellness, human development, evolution, movement and performance.
I have been fortunate to study and to find mentorship with industry leaders such as Louise L. Hay, Bill Mueller and Hugh Milne for metaphysics and bodywork; Mike Boyle, Gary Gray, Paul Chek, Juan Carlos Santana and Mark Verstegen for performance; Jo Zukovich for Iyengar yoga; and Kumu Hula Paul K. Neves for Hawaiian dance and movement.
I also have experience working in health care, social services, the organic produce industry and the cannabis industry.

Why Massage Therapy:
I am a bodyworker because I love making a profound difference in the lives of others through movement, touch and energy therapies. I consider my ability to be a gift, and I am passionate about growing, developing and sharing my talent.

I believe that massage is a necessity in one’s life – not a luxury. Adding massage therapy to one’s workout and wellness program can decrease recovery time and can increase strength, flexibility and power. Massage can reduce chronic pain, can improve blood pressure and circulation, can break up scar tissue, can relieve stress and can rehabilitate injured muscles.

Why Body Mechanix:
I work and train at Body Mechanix because our programming is top-notch functional training and the people who work here are some of the brightest and most authentic in the industry.

Training with Marlon Gomez at Body Mechanix’s Castro Valley location since 2015 in a semiprivate setting has deepened my love and understanding of functional exercise and movement. My firsthand experience with Body Mechanix’s training methodologies and programming helps me to better assist clients in achieving their personal wellness and performance goals.
Mistie Jung